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The LUCI design system includes a foundation of assets and resources to help teams design and build cohesive NetApp websites and digital products.


The LUCI visual language is the foundation for the overall look and feel of NetApp web sites and digital products. It includes specifications on color, iconography, typography and spacing.

Familiarize yourself with these critical elements as a first step.


  • Sketch App Library

    The LUCI library sketch file contains design elements and symbols such as color palette values, buttons, form elements, icons, etc.

    A library is just an ordinary sketch document that contains symbols that you can use in any other sketch document. If any of those library symbols are updated in the master library file, documents containing instances of those symbols will display a notification telling you that they can be updated.

    How to Use a Sketch App Library File

    To add the LUCI library file to your working sketch design or wireframe file, download the LUCI library to the folder where you keep your sketch document and then follow the instructions outlined in Migrating existing Sketch projects to Libraries.

    Note: You should not make edits to the library file symbols directly, but should instead edit the symbols exclusively in your project document. You can do this by detaching symbols from the library or importing them as local symbols.

  • Icons

    The zip file contains SVG and PNG formats of the LUCI icon set.

Need something else? Contact the LUCI team to make a request.