LUCI Design System

Menus Sink

Menus can have buttons, split buttions or links as the trigger element. Menu content can be any component.

All Menus will close on Escape key press and on click of document body. Only one Menu will be open at a time.

Menu Default Empty Content

Menu Default With White Background Empty Content

Menu Secondary, Small Button Trigger

Menu Flat Button Trigger

Menu Split Button Trigger

Menu Primary Button Trigger With Medium Blue Background

Menu Primary, Small Button Trigger With Dark Blue Container

Menu Icon Button Trigger

Menu Small, Icon Button Trigger

Menu With Link Trigger

Menu Left

Menu With Checkboxes And Action Row With Darkest Blue Background

Menu Left With Compressed Form And Action Row

Menu Left With Checkboxes And Action Row With White Background Content

Menu Custom Trigger

Custom trigger element must have the luci-menu__trigger class.