LUCI Design System

Popovers Sink

Popovers can have buttons, split buttions or links as the trigger element. Popover content can be any component.

All Popovers will close on Escape key press and on click of document body. Only one Popover will be open at a time.

Popover Default Empty Content

Popover heading and description

Popover heading, description and actions

Popover heading, description and primary action only

Popover heading, description and cancel action only

Popover heading, description, form field and actions

Popover heading, description, 2 form fields and actions

Popover heading only

Popover description only

Popover heading and description (multiple paragraphs)

Popover Positions

Popover bottom, center (default)

Popover bottom, offset right

Popover bottom, offset left

Popover top, center

Popover top, offset right

Popover top, offset left