LUCI stands for “Library for User-Centered Interfaces”. As the NetApp Digital Design System, LUCI enables digital product teams to quickly design and build high-quality, consistent user experiences.

Latest Release 2.2.0

Published on 2/2/2018

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Visual Style

LUCI is founded upon a system of color, typography, iconograpy, and spacing. These elements form the basis for creating cohesive experiences.

UI Components

LUCI includes ready-made HTML and CSS components to facilitate efficient and consistent design and development of common interface controls. LUCIs components are:

  • High-quality, production-grade, semantic and accessible component markup
  • Responsive and content resilient (fluid)
  • Cross-browser compatible CSS

All currently available LUCI components are listed in the left-hand navigation panel. More components are being designed and developed.
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Resources and Guides

New to LUCI or need a refresher? Review our Get Started Guides for Designers and Developers.

For Designers

Get familiar with the visual language and access sticker sheets and other design assets.

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For Developers

Learn how to setup LUCI in your local development environment.

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For Product Managers

Want to use LUCI on your existing or new product? Learn the basics of how to enagage with the LUCI team.

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Accelerates product development by reusing pre-built assets (vs. designing and building duplicative parts within individual products)


Scales to any type of digital product or web site by virtue of being platform and tech-stack agnostic


Improves consistency across the NetApp portfolio by creating more standard, learnable, and consistently branded experiences.


Includes fully vetted and tested design assets that, when adopted, improve the quality of products that adopt them