Contact LUCI

The LUCI team is dedicated to evolving and enhancing the design system to meet the design and development needs across NetApp. If you have questions or feedback, or if you need support, please contact a LUCI team member. We welcome input and will consider all requests for future releases of LUCI.

Provide Feedback or Make a Request

We welcome all feedback on LUCI. Is there something we can do better? Is something not working as expected? Is there a visual style, icon, component, or variation you need that LUCI does not yet provide? Let us know. Please have the following information ready and email the LUCI team at

  • Request name (New component needed, Update documentation, etc.)
  • Description (Please design and build a new component with the following functionality)
  • Site or Product requesting (Your site or application name)
  • Attachments (screenshots, wireframes, visuals, existing examples, etc.)

Get Help

If you need technical or design support for using LUCI, please contact the LUCI team at

Join the Collaboration

Want to join the LUCI network of collaborators? You can provide feedback on work in progress, not yet released in the LUCI design system. Email and request to be added to the LUCI Teams channel.