For Product Managers

Want to use LUCI on your existing or new product? Fantastic!

The first step is to Contact the LUCI team to let them know you’d like to start adopting the system and prepare any initial questions you have. Someone from the team will be in touch (within 2-3 business days) to discuss your needs.

Some initial questions to think about in anticipation of the discussion include:

  • Will you be adopting the production-grade code that’s provided with LUCI, or simply the visual styles?
  • What’s the timing for adopting LUCI? Do you plan to adopt incrementally over the course of several releases, or all at once?

Additionally, have your design and/or development teams review this website and prepare their own questions about the LUCI system.

It’s also important to know that LUCI will not contain every component asset or function that your website or digital product may need. That’s not a problem. LUCI is intended to serve as a front-end foundation/baseline for websites and digital products to use and extend as needed.

That said, if there is a component or asset that your product needs and other products that use LUCI would benefit from, it’s a candidate to be added into the system in a subsequent release. You can see what’s planned for LUCI at any time or Contact the LUCI team to make a request.